Developers, Body Corporates or a Board of Trustees don't always want to handle the management of a property. For that reason, Ecclesiate Management offers a

comprehensive service to administer:

•     Rental pools
•     Fractional Title-owned properties
•     Share block buildings
•     Group housing schemes

Our services fall under the following categories:

•     Financial/administration
•     Arranging of insurance
•     Advising and assisting on building improvements and maintenance
•     Levy collection
•     Expense payments and account management
•     Assistance in litigation, as well as recovering arrears


•     Organising and documenting Annual General Meetings
•     Attending to proxies, nominations, agendas etc.
•     Preparation of annual income/expense statements
•     Arranging of annual audits
•     Support in all legal matters or disputes involving trustees/owners

For a more in-depth look at what we can offer you, download the Ecclesiate Management service brochure here.