Why let with Ecclesiate?

There's nothing that'll give you greater peace of mind than knowing your property is in good hands and that you're assured of your rental income. With our dedicated, service-orientated team and over 20 years' experience as letting and management agents, Ecclesiate Letting can offer you the following:
  1. Comprehensive tenant reference checks

  2. Entry and exit inspections

  3. Preparation of sound, legal Lease Agreements

  4. On-time rent collection

  5. Levy and rate payments on your behalf

  6. All maintenance and repairs

  7. Professional handling of disputes
To answer the different needs of our clients, we offer three letting and management options.

Let Only Option:
  1. We'll find you potential tenants, conduct viewings and interviews and do the necessary reference checks.

  2. Once a tenant is chosen, we'll handle the lease agreement, collect a deposit and the first month's rent, then hand them over to you.

  3. Cost: Finder's fee of R480 (excl. VAT), plus 8.5% commission on the full lease value, calculated over a minimum period of 12 months (excl. VAT).
Manage Only Option:
  1. You find the tenant and we'll collect rent on your behalf, hold the tenant's security deposit and manage the exiting process, as well as any disputes that might arise.

  2. Any cleaning and minor repairs, we'll take care of and deduct costs from the tenant's deposit where applicable.

  3. Cost: Contract fee of R 480 (excl. VAT), plus 10.5% commission per month (excl.VAT), deducted from the rent collected each month. (If your rent isn't collected, you don't pay.)
Full Management Option:
  1. This is the most comprehensive, hassle-free option where we do all of the above ---from the day you want to let out your property, until the day you don't.

  2. Your rental income, once our fee and any expenses are deducted, comes to you at no effort from your side. Plus ,we'll administer an annual rent increase on your behalf.

  3. Cost: Sourcing fee of 4% (excl. VAT) on the rental value of the lease for sourcing a tenant and attending to all documentation. Plus a
monthly management fee of 10.5% (excl. VAT) of the rent. (If your rent isn't collected, you don't pay.) (Recommended option for newly built properties.)

OR: Sourcing fee of 6% (excl. VAT) on the rental value of the lease for sourcing a tenant and attending to all documentation. Plus a monthly management fee of 8.5 % (excl. VAT) of the rent. (If your rent is not collected, you don't pay.)

Please note: Our fee is negotiable for clients who let out more than 5 properties through us.

Rental Income Guarantee

With this innovative solution, you can be sure that you will receive your monthly income, whether your tenant pays the rent or not. By choosing this option you will be protected for a period of up to 3 months.

For a more in-depth look at what we can offer you, download the Ecclesiate Letting service leaflet here.