1. Developed by Calgro M3; - “Creators of beautiful places for those who know the difference”.

  2. Marketed by Calgro M3 Marketing.

  3. All project documentation can be viewed and downloaded from our website, www.fleurhof.co.za.

  4. The overall Fleurhof Sectional Title Development consists of an eventual 4300 sectional title units, conveniently situated in Fleurhof, Florida, Gauteng.

  5. The first phase, called Fleurhof Heights, will consist of 421 units, divided into 2 body corporates.

  6. Fleurhof Heights offer close proximity to the CBD of Johannesburg and quick access to modern amenities such as shopping centres, schools, sport facilities and medical facilities.

  7. The average monthly levy payable to the body corporate is estimated to be approximately R500 per month. This estimated levy includes:
    •    24 Hour security guards
    •    Calgro M3 will conveniently form the body corporate for each scheme and the registration of the property will entail your automatic membership of the body corporate. Contact your agent on 011 300 7500 for any questions in this regard.

  8. Fleurhof Heights Sectional Title units offer a basic yet functional unit design which may be upgraded to include modern and stylish finishes such as a full 4 plate stove & oven, stylish kitchen tops and cupboards, built-in-cupboards, tiling throughout the house, etc.

  9. There are 2unit sizes to choose from, 40m² and 43m². Please ask your professional agent to discuss the plan with you.

  10. Each complex will be either a three of four storey building - refer to the Sectional •    Title Plans of the Scheme to select your unit.

  11. Each building will be fenced in with palisade fencing. Please ask your agent for more information.

  12. Bond application is exclusively done on client’s behalf.

  13. The price is fully inclusive of all costs excluding the bank valuation fee.

  14. Registration is expected to be effected within 12 months from date of purchase with handover of your unit immediately taking place thereafter.

  15. It is important to notice that the bank granting the bond will re-evaluate purchasers’ continued affordability. Therefore it is crucial that prudent financial affairs management is exercised by clients once a bond is granted, as this might affect their ability to own their dream home.

  16. No securing deposit is required.

  17. Purchase your dream unit today!


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